Maintenance & Safety Departments

Who We Are
Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining all wastewater treatment equipment, facilities and structures both at the main plant and collection system lift stations of the WRA. Along with the Operations Department, the Maintenance Department works to maintain the treatment plant’s efficiencies in order to achieve operational objectives. The department’s ultimate goal is to keep all of the plant’s assets in good working condition, at the lowest possible cost.

The capacity and the production quality of the plant and its processes depends on the availability and reliability of the equipment. Wastewater collection and treatment is an essential public health service, ultimately protecting the environment. The Maintenance Division and operator personnel serves as the first line of defense in protecting the public and environment of human and industrial waste.

Who We Are
Safety Department

Occupational safety and health is paramount at the WRA. The WRA employs an experienced Certified Industrial Hygienist as the full-time safety manager. Additionally, a confined space rescue team and hazmat team conduct rigorous training to ensure personnel are prepared in any emergency. The WRA works with industry experts in providing employee development so all staff members have the necessary skills to work safely.

  1. Daryl Soderblom

    Wastewater Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
    Phone: 515-323-8060

  2. Mark Wiebelhaus

    Wastewater Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
    Phone: 515-323-8037