WRA Is Green

What We Do

The Wastewater Reclamation Authority (WRA) is green because we:

  • Generate and beneficially use biogas through our anaerobic digesters
  • Use our effluent for process water and washdown
  • Concentrate our waste activated sludge before adding it to our digesters thereby reducing the heat (energy) needed to bring it up to temperature
  • Accept hauled waste which creates more biogas
  • Return the nutrients in our biosolids to farm fields
  • Are always looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption and increase our energy production through our Energy Management Team and our employees

Our Commitment

WRA is committed to:

  • Reducing electrical and natural gas usage through conservation and efficiency
  • Increasing biogas production and use
  • Increasing on-site electrical generation

Learn More

To learn more about WRAs green efforts through energy, water, and nutrient management, visit the Virtual Tour page.