Solids Processing 

When the solids are removed from the anaerobic digesters, they are pumped to our solids processing system. At the solids processing system, the solids from the digesters are run though Belt Filter Presses (BFP). The BFP allows water to run through the belts while keeping all the solids in place. Then, by running the solids on the belt through a series of rollers, more water is squeezed out of the solids. Doing this to the solids leaves them in putty like consistency. Once the solids are done being pressed, they are moved by conveyor belt to a dump truck that will haul them to the WRF’s storage barn where they are kept until they can be land applied on farm fields.

Frontend loader Moving Biosolids
Moving Biosolids
Truck and Frontend Loader at Barn
Employee lubricating wheels on Rotating Drum Thickener