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Des Moines Metropolitan
Wastewater Reclamation Authority
3000 Vandalia Road
Des Moines, IA 50317

Capital Improvement Projects

This is a list of some of the Capital Improvement Projects ongoing for the WRA

ProjectStatusConst. StartConst. End
WRA Combined Sewer Solids Separation Facility Project Completed 10/1/2010 9/1/2014
WRF Digester Improvements Project Completed 6/1/2010 4/30/2014
WRA Southwest Area Diversion Facility, Phase 22, Segment 5 Project Project Completed 8/21/2012 8/1/2014
WRA Southern Tier High Flow Pump Station Project Completed 8/8/2012 10/1/2013
WRA Phase 27 Interceptor Scheduled to Start Fall 2016 5/1/2016 12/1/2018